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It is anticipated that this Coroners Manual will assist Coroners, especially Magistrates in the performance of their duties and the discharge of their coronial functions and responsibilities. However, the Coroner always has complete control of the proceedings and can ask any questions or give any directions at any time.


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The term can also be used for persons who seek assistance from Court Officer e. The Coroner has very broad powers under Section 10 to obtain whatever information is necessary in relation to an investigation into a death and the manner in conducting such investigation and later inquest.

An example may be the violent rape and murder of a young child. This provision does not automatically permit a Coroner to dispense with an inquest where the death is of the type specified in Section 7 1. The persons authorized to request a Coroner to hold an inquiry under this section are:

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At all times the Coroner has control of the body and only a Coroner can issue a warrant to Bury. The Coroner will examine the brief and can direct any person to provide further information, fresh evidence, or more detail if any aspects need further clarification. There were a number of Madras-system schools in Yorkshire for instance in Leeds, York, and Sheffield , and Bell was idolised by several leading English intellectuals, among them Robert Southey, who had a special standing in Haworth Parsonage. Section 5 states that an inquest shall be held by a Coroner sitting alone. If a post mortem is ordered by the Coroner, pursuant to Section 14, the police usually collect the post mortem report from the hospital, or the pathologist and, and deliver it to the Coroner.

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  1. Within the Magistracy, I extend my gratitude to the Magistrates Training Advisory Group and those selected magistrates who were involved in the numerous workshops and consultation processes to prepare and produce this Manual. In the case of government vehicles payment is made by the State, and in all other cases payment is made by the insurer MVIL.