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Mai Machiko is the newest teacher at Asama Elementary; she's young, beautiful, and has the perfect proportions—traits that attract the attention of not only her students, but the rest of the perverted faculty as well. OVA - Mar 28,

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Louise is terrible at magic and when trying to summon her familiar, a magical creature, she inadvertently summons Saito, an ordinary boy from Japan.

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Yuuhi thanks Junichi and when she asked for his name, he just waves and leaves. Hakufu's dreams of participating in new fights and tournaments are put on hold as new obstacles block her path. In spite of the perilous lives the members live, Arashi and the gorgeous ladies surrounding him still manage to get caught up in a variety of sultry moments and racy hijinks.

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Special - Sep 22, As they fought, her friend Haru appeared. Naoya decides to stay in Astarotte's world and help her on her journey into adulthood, under one condition: A school devoted to all religions of the world in effort to make it's students the next world leaders in religion.

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  1. In a deadly terrorist attack, Arashi Mikami narrowly escapes death but loses everything in the process, including his family and best friend. Yume de Aetara is a story about one guy Fuguno Masuo a complete loser when it comes to relationship with women and two girls: